Dear descendants of the Königsberg Jews,

In the last eighty years existed almost no opportunities in Königsberg to remember and commemorate the Jewish ancestors. Today’s Jewish Kaliningrad citizens are rebuilding the synagogue on their own initiative. This building will provide space and development for all Jews of the city, regardless of their denominations. And this synagogue will also be a place of remembrance of all the Jews who lived in Königsberg in earlier times. You now have a chance to contribute with your financial commitment to Jewish life in Kaliningrad, while remembering your ancestors and making their names visible in the city again.

It is not a miracle….

Donate for Kaliningrad Synagogue

It takes a strong will and people with visions
who have a longing for a building for their community so that they can gather, to create a space for prayer, for learning, for teaching, to meet and to celebrate together. The Synagogue is a symbol for the city and the country that one contributes to the community and that one is proud and grateful to be Jewish.

This signal was sent out by people 120 years ago when they built the great New Synagogue of Königsberg. This signal of hope for a noble and free community of the citizens was brutally destroyed in 1938 during the November pogroms. Exactly 80 years later it’s again these local people who join together to set this message from 120 years ago: “We are here!”

Now the time has come to support these local efforts.

Construction costs Status in 2017

Cost of construction synagogue NOV16
Renewal of the synagogue

After large contributions during the first years of a man like Vladimir Katzman, many other local business people joint and now people who have to live on a modest salary or a small pension gave a lot. One example: A member of the community, a veteran who survived the Holocaust and the war, and now, spite his age and his single income, a modest pension, donated all his savings, that’s almost a million rubles, for making doors and installing them in the building.

So much has already been achieved, but there is still much to be done.

We quote the call of the Foundation for the Renewal of the New Koenigsberg Synagogue:
“Dear benefactors!
The believers have always considered the construction of prayer houses to be the greatest virtue and the most loved thing. The synagogue has always been created by the whole world.
On this sacred deed the widow’s last pennies and the rich people’s generous donations have always been spent.
We will remember that the synagogue always prays for builders, benefactors and donors.
God bless your home and your family and give you peace!”

SEP2018 Kaliningrad Synagogue

What has been done in the past?


Nov 2019

ribbonInauguration of Reconstructed Synagogue of Königsberg in Kaliningrad.

Feb 19, 2018

Construction Synagogue KaliningradPutting the dome on the roof of the rebuilt synagogue of Koenigsberg (122 years after the first inauguration, 80 years after destruction in the November Pogrome 1938). Photo: Alexey Minin.

Nov-Dec 2017

Exhibition “The Jews of Königsberg at the turn of the 20th Century“ at the Museum for Arts and History of Kaliningrad. It contained documents and photos about the Jewish Citizens of Konigsberg at the time of the first opening of the synagogue in 1896.

Spring – summer of 2017

Plitman, LeonidEstablishment of the synagogue Construction Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Picture Leonid Plitman, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Synagogue Foundation. 


December, 2016

Providing a land of plot for the purposes of Completion of the construction of the unfinished object. (The synagogue and community center). The mentioned land plot is later subleased to the Kaliningrad synagogue Construction Foundation, a non-profit organization, which finances the construction of the facility, and also controls over the construction quality and timing.

December, 2016

Registration for property rights to the object of unfinished construction.

October –December, 2016

orphanageThe building of the Jewish orphanage receives the status of a cultural heritage object.


June 1, 2016

Signing of the memorandum on cooperation and Interaction for the Purpose of implementing the synagogue and community center Construction Project.

Sept 2015

Contact between Society “Jews in East Prussia” and the Kaliningrad synagogue Construction Foundation.

June 1, 2015

Issue of a building permit


December 2014

A judicial decision to issue a permit for construction of the object of the major construction.


March 13, 2014

Obtaining a land plot development plan for the synagogue construction.



Project documentation development.


August 2012

A judicial decision to move the Yantar Tent circus.



October 16, 2011

The first stone in the restoration of the Koenigsberg synagogue.


June 2011

Establishment of the Kaliningrad synagogue Construction Foundation, a non-profit organization. Picture Vladimir Leonidovich Katsman, the main benefactor ofthe foundation.

March 2011

Administration of the city of Kaliningrad municipality provides the Jewish community of the City of Kaliningrad, a Jewish religious organization, with a land plot in Oktyabrskaya Street in the Moskovsky District of Kaliningrad for the uncompensated fixed-term use (for 5 years) for the purpose of construction of a synagogue building.


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