A new project “Jews of Wartenburg, (today Barczewo)” has been created on the genealogy website geni.com, where you can find out about the families of the Jewish congregation, view family documents and possibly add people yourself.
Link to the project site on geni.com >>
There were already a few Jews in Wartenburg around 1770. For a long time, the Jews of Wartenburg belonged to the community of the district of Allenstein. It was not until 1862 that they received permission to form their own community. In 1894 they consecrated their synagogue, which they had built with their own funds.

The synagogue is currently being renovated. To celebrate the reopening, we are looking for pictures and documents of the families who used to live in Wartenburg.

Pic.: commons.wikimedia.org / Spotkania z Zabytkami, nr 1/1989r and 2016 Leiserowitz/Soc. Jews in East Prussia

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