The Jews of Königsberg at the turn of the 20th century

Student life - on Jewish!


In 1904 the Association of Jewish University Students was founded in Königsberg. Students met there, some coming in part from the west of Germany, who then met students with Russian ancestry. Many of them earned their doctoral degrees at the Albertina. Many stayed in the city or the surrounding area once they completed their studies. For others, Königsberg represented only a stopping off point. Members of the congregation contributed money for a clubhouse. The parties
held by the association were very popular. 

Student Party Königsberg

77. Evening party in the Jewish Student Association

Logo Verein Jüdischer Studenten

79. Emblem of the Jewish Student Association


76. Members of the Jewish Student Association

Student Sommerfest Königsberg

78. Summer festival at the Jewish Student Association


74. The Zionist and politician Shemarjahu Levin (1867–1935), later a representative to the First State Duma of the Russian Empire, received his degree in 1894 in Königsberg.

75. Doctoral thesis from Shemarjahu Levin dealing with a topic in Hebrew grammar

Dissertation Shemarjahu Levin

Director's Cut

In February 2020 we viewed documents of the Königsberg Jewish Students’ Association in the Central Zionist Archive in Jerusalem

Vereinsheim Jüdischer Studenten in Königsberg

79. The association had its seat on the Kneiphof (Cathedral island) in the house under the address Kleiner Domplatz 15 c from 1906-1933.

79. Representation of the club casino in a humorous hand-drawn newspaper 1929

79. When the association was founded in 1904, the colours of the superior associations of Jewish students were chosen, namely yellow blue white. There was great scepticism on the spot from the Jewish citizens, who did not want a separate Jewish club. They were surprised about the “Jewish” colours and missed the colours of the German tricolour.

Boot auf Schlossteich

79. Soon more and more club ladies joined the club, who helped with actions and also celebrated with us. In 1907, the association was donated its own boat, with which many enjoyable trips were made on the Schlossteich of Königsberg (castle pond).