Juden in Ostpreussen.
(Jews in East Prussia)
Verein zur Geschichte und Kultur e.V.
(Registered Association of History and Culture)
Friedrichstr. 95
10117 Berlin

Responsible in terms of press law
chairwoman Prof. Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz

E-Mail info@judeninostpreussen.de
Fax    +49-30-2096 3950

Facebook (English international)  www.facebook.com/Jewsineastprussia

We also have a branch in Warsaw / Poland

Register of associations Berlin / Germany Amtsgericht Charlottenburg
Reg. No.  24883 Nz

Because of charitable purposes, we are exempt from corporation tax by the tax office and we can issue donation receipts (acc. German Law). Confirmed by tax office “Finanzamtes für Körperschaften I Berlin”
Tax no.  27/669/53052,

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