The Jews of Königsberg at the turn of the 20th century

Take a seat! The festive dedication of the New Synagogue in 1896

“On 25 August at 11 o’clock in the forenoon, the congregation gathered for the first time in its new
magnificent House of God, which in that moment
was to be dedicated to its purpose. The synagogue
was filled to its last seat then in part out into its
wide aisles by a crowd in a festive mood. The first
rows of seats were reserved for the guests of honour. […] The speech on this festive occasion was given by Rabbi Dr. Werner and dealt with the relationship of religion to ethics, to optimism, and to science, and developed out of that the task and the meaning of the modern House of God.”
(Allgemeine Zeitung des Judentums, 4. September


99. Announcement of the dedication in the “Hartungsche Zeitung”


102. List of the pre-reserved seats in the synagogue, and the seat of Aron Liebeck

Draft Synagogue Koenigsberg outside

97. Design of the new synagogue (outside)


98. Design of the new synagogue (inside)

We come to a highlight of the exhibition. After the Association Jews in East Prussia has previously presented the stories of the people, their families, economic and social life, we now proceed to the reconstruction of the opening ceremony on August 25, 1896. Here we combine findings from archives of several countries, the seating plan of the service hall with the list of names of the day and the photos of women and men collected over many years from family albums from around the world. 103. 104.

101. Paula Rabow-Wohlgemuth, a member of the choir, at the dedication of the synagogue

Paula Rabow-Wohlgemuth Gesang

100. Booklet commemorating the inauguration ceremony for the participating singers

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For 42 years the New Synagogue became a part of Königsberg city life
On the night of 9-10 November the the New Synagogue was destroyed and completely demolished.
After exactly 80 years, the synagogue rebuilt by the Jewish congregation is consecrated in the same place.
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