The Jews of Königsberg at the turn of the 20th century

Celebration and prayer


107. Salomon Königsberger at his Bar Mitzvah

Israel Pick vor Synagoge

108. The timber merchant Israel Pick in front of the synagogue

Bar Mitzvah in Synagogue Koenigsberg

106. Announcement for a Bat Mitzvah in the New Synagogue in Königsberg

Paltzkare Königsberg 1910

105. Tickets for the new synagogue

Passover Hotel Neumann

111. Passover celebration in Hotel Neumann

109. Invitation to the dedication ceremony of the Polish synagogue

114. Seal of the Jewish Congregation of Königsberg

Briefsiegel deer Jüdischen Gemeinde

115. Letter decal of the Jewish congregation in Königsberg

112. File of the Königsberg Jewish Congregation

113. Flyer for the anniversary celebration for Chief Cantor Birnbaum

Director's Cut

The big seat map for the opening ceremony for our small visitors at the exhibition 2017. The exhibition was created with the reconstruction of the synagogue in mind, to say that Jews have always had a proud and visible history in this city. This is especially important for the identity of the youth.

Sitzplan Synagogeneröffnung 1896