The Jews of Königsberg at the turn of the 20th century

Marx - A successful banker

Bаnking family

Even the “North German Credit Institute” founded by the banker George Marx in 1897 (he came from Cologne) was in reality a family business, because several of the twelve children as well as other relatives worked at the bank, which opened many branches in the province of East Prussia.

23. The banker George Marx (1843–1927)

Georg Marx Königsberg

24. Children of the family of Gertrud und George Marx 1892

25. Page from the prayer book of Gertrud Marx with the Hebraic equivalents for the German names

Gertrud Marx Gebetsbuch
Norddeutsche Creditanstalt

28. ”North German Credit Institute” founded by George Marx

Seal Norddeutsche Creditanstalt Königsberg

26. Seal of the “North German Credit Institute”

27. Advertisement for the “North German Credit Institute”

House of Marx family Königsberg

29. The house of the George Marx family on Weidendamm

Director's Cut

While searching for the story of the prominent Marx banking family, we finally came across several great-grandchildren and their subsequent generations in Israel. We wanted to know how the family history is remembered. Our message was that in Kaliningrad the Jewish history continues.

Picture George Marx
Hartungsche Zeitung



Notification of the merging of Norddeutsche Creditanstalt with Deutsche Bank, Hartungsche Zeitung, Königsberg. 

Reminder of the fusion 100 years ago in the Historische Rundschau, Frankfurt/M

Tomy Marks Home
Books of Tomy Marks

Tomy Marx published 2 books in Hebrew language in which he describes his family dynasty and reflects very openly on the conflicts of his childhood. He grew up in Germany and in Jerusalem before the founding of the Israeli state.

Bilanz aus Kassenbuch
Asaf Steinschneider Jerusalem

In Jerusalem, Assaf Steinschneider allowed us a look into the banker’s private account books.

The great-granddaughter Ruth Cohen travelled with her husband and son to Kaliningrad in November 2018.