Jews in East Prussia. History and Culture Society

The great interest of descendants of Jews formerly living in East Prussia in the history of their ancestors, and the curiosity of the young generation currently living in the Lithuanian, Polish and Russian part of the former region of East Prussia about the earlier Jewish population of East Prussia and their expulsion led us, along with friends sharing this interest, to found a society on 5 September 2004 in Berlin with the following name: Juden in Ostpreussen. Verein zur Geschichte und Kultur e.V. Jews in East Prussia. History and Culture Society.

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We have formulated the goals and purpose of the society as follows:

1. The goal of this society is the promotion of cultural ends, in particular the care and maintenance of the culture of the Jews in East Prussia, with the focus being on the care and preservation of cultural valuables, of items of cultural significance and of archives.

2. The society pursues these goals in the following ways, among others:

a) through talks in regular meetings, lectures, exhibitions, academic tours and outings, working in co-operation with the present citizens and local authority districts in Poland, the area of Kaliningrad and Lithuania;

b) through the publishing, encouragement and support of academic work and memoirs designed to raise awareness of the history of the Jews in East Prussia;

c) through the maintenance of ties with societies and institutions in Germany with the same goals as well as local authority districts in Poland, the area of Kaliningrad and Lithuania.

The society holds collections of artefacts, library and collection holdings about the history of the Jews in East Prussia from the beginning up to the present. These collections are to be made accessible to academic research and the public.

3. The society pursues directly and exclusively charitable goals as defined in the “Tax-deductible uses” section of the fiscal code.

4. The society does not work in its own interest, nor does it primarily pursue its own economic benefit.

We welcome all those interested, including those who would consider becoming co-workers.

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Kids in Kaliningrad
Past and future – guiding the next generation in Kaliningrad

Michael and Prof. Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz