The first leaflet for a tour of the Jewish Königsberg is currently being designed. The route begins at the stock exchange and ends in front of the rebuilt synagogue.

Altes Zentrum Königsberg

The history of the Jews in the district Vordere Vorstadt, which was located directly south of the cathedral island (Kneiphof), is the connecting theme of this tour, which tells various aspects of social and economic life. Places from past synagogues are shown and some outstanding personalities of Königberg are introduced. From the last chapter of the city of Königberg, little known “Jewish houses” are presented, from which the Jews of Königberg were sent to extermination. A Russian and English version of the tour description, which will be available to visitors of Kaliningrad, are planned. The brochure was conceived by the association Jews in East Prussia.

Rundgang Walk Jewish Koenigsberg
Station 1 Koenigsberg Jewish
Magazine Lagerhaus Perlmann Koenigsberg
Station 2 Jewish Koenigsberg Walk
Station 3 Arlozerov Zionisten
Gruppenbild Jewish Koenigsberg
Station 5 jüdisches Königsberg Rundgang
Jahrmarktsplatz Königsberg Rundgang Tour
Station 7 jüdisches Königsberg
Station 9 Jewish Kaliningrad
Jewsineastprussia Kaliningrad Snagogue
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