2021 November

The museum’s exhibition planner, the Leipzig-based company Kocmoc.net, has now been on site for the first time and has been able to coordinate with technicians to ensure that the planned museum experience can be realized. Despite all the current pandemic-related travel obstacles, the preparations are going ahead with all their power.

2021 October

What happened at the site of the synagogue? The exhibits in the museum tell about it (Preview of examples of the finished design).


2021 August

Talks were held in Kaliningrad, technical details were discussed and the room – color – concept was presented. Despite the current difficult travel opportunities, the project is progressing well.

2021 April

2021 March

Our association has received a notice of grant from the (German) Federal Foreign Office for this year to finance the first stage of a permanent exhibition “Museum New Synagogue Kaliningrad/Königsberg”.

We will tell the story of the Jews in East Prussia at this special place, which has been an interface between East and West throughout the ages. The members of today’s Jewish community have managed to rebuild the magnificent synagogue and make it a center for religious life – a landmark of the city that was destroyed by brutal force 80 years ago. For over 20 years descendants of East Prussian Jews from all over the world have been telling us stories and opening their family albums, and we have found documents in archives in several countries. The museum will also be a place of remembrance of Jewish forced labor and the Shoah in the East Prussian region.

Soon we will provide more detailed information about the upcoming museum and report progress on the first stage of the permanent exhibition.

2020 FEB

Decision to set up a museum foundation in Kaliningrad to establish a museum, with the involvement of the Association Jews in East Prussia for helping with fundraising and curating many parts of the exhibition.

We still are looking for photos, postcards, documents, letters and whole biographies to include them into a planned museum and information center for Jewish heritage in Kaliningrad / Königsberg.

Koenigsberg mail exhibition

We are also working on a database of people from Königsberg and would like to collect as much material as possible and make it centrally accessible as an information centre and library for the current inhabitants of Kaliningrad and for descendants from Königsberg living all over the world.

Kaliningrad Koenigsberg Archive
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