The next exhibition and the accompanying publication will describe the fates of the Jewish families in Königsberg from the beginning of the 20th century until they left the city, or until they were persecuted, fled or annihilated. But in the coming months and years there will be more exhibitions in the framework of the establishment of a new museum:

Setting up an exhibition in Kaliningrad

A museum for the history of Jews in East Prussia is underway.

A foundation is being established in Kaliningrad for this purpose, and the Jews in East Prussia Association is involved in the process and will also help with fundraising and curating many parts of the exhibition.

New: The exhibition “Jews in Königsberg at the turn of the century” is currently online.

We invite you to take the opportunity to visit the exhibition of 2017! Learn more about the little known aspects of life in Königsberg at the turn of the century. Link to the online exhibition >>

We are looking for photos, postcards, documents, letters and whole biographies to include them into a planned museum and information center for Jewish heritage in Kaliningrad / Königsberg.

Koenigsberg mail exhibition

We are also working on a database of people from Königsberg and would like to collect as much material as possible and make it centrally accessible as an information centre and library for the current inhabitants of Kaliningrad and for descendants from Königsberg living all over the world.

Kaliningrad Koenigsberg Archive

The historically unique process is taking place that a magnificent synagogue destroyed in November 1938 was built on the same site after 80 years by a Jewish community that has blossomed again. This encouraged us to concentrate our historical research in recent years on the Jewish community of Königsberg and to hold an exhibition on the history of the people at the time of the construction of the great synagogue.

2017 November we organized an exhibition on “Jews in Königsberg at the turn of the century”. This is the first exhibition and the accompanying exhibition catalogue that were conceived especially for the Kaliningrad public and presented previously unknown source material in words and pictures about the history of Jewish society at the time of the construction of the Lindenstrasse Synagogue around 1896. In addition to archival sources from Jerusalem, Berlin and Olsztyn (Poland), private photographs of descendants of Königsberg Jews, who now live on all five continents, were also presented.
The next exhibition continues the story of the first exhibition.

If you could contribute to this project, we would be very glad. We thank you in advance for every support that you can give us.

Best regards

Ruth and Michael Leiserowitz

Prof. Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz  (Berlin/Warsaw)
Jews in East Prussia, Society for History and Culture
Juden in Ostpreußen. Verein zur Geschichte und Kultur e.V.

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