Information about places outside of East Prussia that are related to the history of Jews in East Prussia

New York

Elridge Synagogue Museum

Museum at Eldridge Street, New York, Manhatten, The Museum is located in one of New York City’s most dynamic areas – at the intersection of the Lower East Side and Chinatown. What facinated us is the modern concept of the core exhibition. Here stories are told, the shared experience of leaving their homes, settling in a strange, new city, and undertaking the daily struggles that made up life on the bustling Lower East Side. Here is an example,  the Gellis couple, leaders within Eldridge Street’s congregation, philanthropists who supported the construction of hospitals and settlement houses, Just recently a photo of Isaac Gellis, one of the founders of the Eldridge Street Synagogue and the “kosher sausage king of America” was donated to the Museum by a Gellis descendant.  We like to remark, that some “heroes” of this museum did not come straight come from Eastern Europe – the spent sometime, even years in East Prussia or other German cities before they continued to America. In future, we would like to add this stories to the history (and memory) of cities like Klaipeda and Hamburg. (2018)
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West Prussia

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Jewish Cemetries in Poland, also of areas in Southern East Prussia
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Esther (Herschman) Rechtschafner, Sveksna Our Town, with facts about the work camps in Heydekrug and the trial about it in West Germany.
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A small town in Southern Lithuania
Created by Ralph Salinger of Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin. Israel >>

Ralph Salinger’s Project Page, which describes his 15-year project
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Bordertown, today Lithuania, important origin, former Litvak Shtetl
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Žemaičių Naumiestis – Lithuania

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