The association was founded 20 years ago by descendants and people interested in the culture and history of Jews from this special region. In the anniversary year, there will be both a look back and new features. A new feature is the additional Facebook page in Polish under the name “Żydzi w Prusach Wschodnich” and with Lissi’s profile picture. As on the previous pages, the respective profile picture represents a person who accompanies us in everyday life and whose memory we keep alive.

Lissi (Gisela) Buntmann, born in 1931, lived in the 1930s in Guttstadt (today Dobre Miasto in Poland), where her mother, Berta Buntmann, née Borowski, also came from. Together with her parents, she was deported to Raasiku (near Tallinn) in 1942 and murdered there. Lissi was 11 years old at the time.

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