The famous former Königsberger (1928-2021) received a greeting at his residence from the opening of the synagogue in Kaliningrad. The author of the book “Zeugnis vom Untergang Königsbergs (Witness to the fall of Königsberg): Ein ‘Geltungsjude’ berichtet” is known as a contemporary witness of the Holocaust but also of the Sovietisation of Königsberg, as his work is also available in Russian in two editions. He was invited as guest of honour to the opening ceremony of the rebuilt synagogue on November 8, 2018, but unfortunately he could not attend this event. Michael Wieck Stuttgart KönigsbergOn December 14, Michael Leiserowitz of the “Association Jews in East Prussia” visited him to report on the event and to discuss with him further details of his relations with the city of Königsberg and Kaliningrad over time. As a professional musician, Michael Wieck was committed to promoting music education in his hometown, where his parents were active in a string quartet and as music teachers.


Published in English:
Michael Wieck: A Childhood Under Hitler and Stalin: Memoirs of a “Certified Jew,” University of Wisconsin Press, 2003, ISBN 0-299-18544-3