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According to “The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust”, the first records of Jewish settlement in Kwidzyn (Marienwerder) date back to 1798. In 1815 a Jewish cemetery was established and in 1830 and 1930 two synagogues were erected. In 1846 220 followers of Judaism lived in Kwidzyn (Marienwerder). The number of Jews in the town increased to 295 in 1880. A well-known Jew born in Kwidzyn (Marienwerder) was Paul Hirsch – Prime Minister of Prussia in the Weimar Republic.

In 1933 the community of Kwidzyn (Marienwerder) Jews consisted of about two hundred people. Nazi repressions caused the number of Jews in Kwidzyn (Marienwerder) to fall to thirteen in 1937. During the Kristallnacht the local synagogue was burnt down and several Jewish people were arrested. In May 1939, there were no more Jews in the town.

Gedenkstein Jüdischer Friedhof

The Jewish cemetery in Kwidzyn (Marienwerder) was established in the nineteenth century at present Kościuszki Street. As a result of the damage, no tombstones have been preserved to this day. A stone with a commemorative plaque on it reminds of the dead buried here.

Jewish cemetery Marienwerder
Jewish cemetery grounds in Kwidzyn (Marienwerder)

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