Nechama Drober has passed away. She was an important voice because she witnessed the fate of the Jews of Königsberg, the fate of the forced laborers in Königsberg, the fate of all Königsbergers and the fate of the city. Throughout her life she was concerned with the death from starvation of her little brother Denny, who was buried in 1945 on the site of the New Jewish Cemetery in Königsberg, which has not been marked to this day. Her stories are available in book form and as video testimonies. Her voice continues to be heard at the Jewish Museum of the New Synagogue in Kaliningrad. She lived in the Soviet Union until the early 1990s, and recently we had a joyful encounter with her and her granddaughter Ella in Kiryat Shmuel, Israel. There she was well cared for in the Beit Gabriel nursing home during her last years. Nechama Drober was born as Hella Markowsky on August 17, 1927 in Königsberg, she died on the evening of August 9, 2023 shortly before her 96th birthday. May her memory be a blessing!

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Ruth Leiserowitz, Nechama Drober, Michael Leiserowtz, Nov 11 2022

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