Happy 90 th Birthday! Leonore Echt was born in 1929 in Insterburg (today Chernjachowsk, Russian Federation Kaliningrad Oblast), where she can be seen on the day of her schooling in 1935 in Insterburg.

Later the family gave up their business and fled, although father and many of their uncles fought in the German army in World War 1. Then she goes to school in Uruguay, in a country whose language was completely foreign to her. Here she meets Herbert, with whom she will be married for 60 years. 2 children are born and the family moves on to Johannesburg in South Africa. Today she has 3 grandchildren and is 90 years old. She is the cousin of Michael Leiserowitz of the association Jews in East Prussia. We celebrated the birthday with old and new friends. With her positive and modest character and Prussian discipline she has overcome all strokes of fate and is a highly revered and popular personality for her family and friends. All the best!