Ostpreussen Briefe von Toni

Yael Naaman from Jerusalem has told the story of her family by means of an extensive correspondence and compiled as a Hebrew book. Translated the title is “The Letters in Toni’s Suitcase, Family History 1933-1949.”

Konrad JacobyHer father, Dr. Yoram Konrad Jacoby, also plays a role in this book. He was born in Königsberg in 1906, studied law and received his doctorate in Königsberg. In 1934 he went to Palestine.

He worked since 1952 in the Ministry of Finance of the young State of Israel (Foreign Exchange Department).
As part of his work, he dealt extensively with the reparations contract and was sent to Germany in 1957 to the reparations delegation of the State of Israel in Cologne. In 1960 he returned to Israel and worked in his previous position in the Ministry of Finance. In 1965 diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel were established. In 1969 he was sent back to Germany for the second time, this time as Commissioner for Finance at the Israeli Embassy in Bonn. After his retirement he returned to Israel in 1974.
During his retirement, he volunteered at the Yad Vashem Isnstitute and participated in a study of laws against Jews in Nazi Germany. In the 80-ties a book by him “Jewish Life in Königsberg in the 20th Century” was published.

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