The project “Jewish families from Königsberg, today Kaliningrad2, which we started in the genealogist network, has now recorded over 1.100 profiles! 31 people are working on the project. In our association database we have collected well over 7000 data records, which will later become the basis for an information system in a museum in the synagogue of Kaliningrad. 

Hotel Owner Hanna Masie
Hanna Masie, Hotel owner in Cranz and Königsberg

Who already has questions and wants to have information can write to us. And of course we are still happy to receive more stories with detailed information like names, dates, addresses and pictures. Germany once wanted to erase everything Jewish from the memory of this city, for a long time this had almost succeeded. We want to revive the memory and thus contribute to a better understanding of the special features of this place in the border region between Prussia and Russia over all times.