Ruth Leiserowitz guiding guides
Where has been the Old Synagogue?

A training for city guides for two tours in the footsteps of the Jews of Königsberg was carried out in cooperation with the Association of Jews in East Prussia and the Foundation for Synagogue Construction Kaliningrad. Many Jews had lived since very early times in the Vorderen Vorstadt directly south of the river Pregel. There the tour leads from the stock exchange and other institutions of the economy past locations of former synagogues and through streets which were named after Jewish celebrities of the city to today’s synagogue.

Stadtrat Michelly Street
Michelly St. (city councillor Benno Michelly)

The results of current research, according to which Jews were concentrated in Jewish houses shortly before they were transported away for murder, are included. Another tour goes through the former district of Amalienau with its villas and welfare facilities. This training is part of the emerging infrastructure for Jewish-themed tourism to Kaliningrad, which will increase in the coming years. (All photos J. Oisboit)

Selke Hoffmann St
Corner Selke Hoffmann St.
Villa Stadtrat Ludwig Leo
Villa Leo (city councillor / Stadtrat Ludwig Leo)