We are looking for supporters for the establishment of a Mikwe to add an important element to the synagogue for the newly awakened Jewish community life in Kaliningrad.

Mikwe old and new in KoenigsbergTop left: Detail from a building application for a Mikwe in Königsberg 1898,
top right construction drawing of the current Mikwe

This synagogue was re-inaugurated in Kaliningrad in November 2018; however, it used to be and is today one of the most beautiful temples in Europe. The original synagogue built in 1896 in Königsberg, was damaged on the Kristallnacht in 1938, and then completely eroded.

Synagogue Kaliningrad

Since then, the Jewish community in the region didn’t have its synagogue. Only recently an opportunity to revive the building presented itself due to political changes and financial possibilities. The construction work of the temple was exclusively financed by sponsors and members of the Jewish community of the region.
The new building was resurrected entirely from its original prototype – Königsberg Synagogue, whose beauty impressed inhabitants and city’s guests, it was a true marvel.
The festive opening of the synagogue took place on the 10th of November 2018. The community dedicated this opening to the commemoration of the tragic event’s 80th anniversary – Kristallnacht in Königsberg.

Unfortunately, many challenges still lay ahead. The Mikveh, a ritual cleaning immersion bath, visited by the faithful on certain occasions, is still waiting to be furnished in the basement of the synagogue.  For the religious life of the congregation, the possibility of visiting a Mikveh is a basic need. Many Jewish women are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to fully practice their religious lives.

Therefore, we desperately are looking for outside involvement and patronage in implementing this facility in the building of the synagogue, as a restored center of the Jewish community life of the city.

shell of mikwe in the basement of the synagogueThe mikvah shell was installed in the synagogue according to the architects’ design, which meets the special religious requirements for such an institution.

The non-profit association Juden in Ostpreussen, Verein für Geschichte und Kultur e.V. (Jews in East Prussia) considers this project to be significant. We support this project for the revival of Jewish life in the local civil society and would be pleased about your contribution so that this project can be realized.

For any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We are happy to put you in touch with the persons in charge of the Synagogue Foundation.

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Very Respectfully,
Prof. Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz
Professor Leiserowitz
Chairwoman of the association Juden in Ostpreussen e.V. and member of the board of the joint association Initiative to establish a Jewish museum in the synagogue of Kaliningrad