June 18, 2024, Kaliningrad city guides gathered at the King’s Gate to learn more about the history of the Old Jewish Cemetery in Königberg, whose grounds are now a protected monument in the former district of the Königsberg cemeteries on the Lithuanian Wall below the former horse racing track.

In the grove between newly built apartment blocks, you stand in front of the current entrance to the Jewish cemetery, which was established in 1875. The grounds are open to the public, but only a few fragments of gravestones remain.

Memorial work takes place here – both German and Russian soldiers from the First World War were commemorated here on several occasions. Jewish soldiers who died in this war were buried in this cemetery.

A building, a so-called ohel (literally tent), was erected around the grave of the famous Jewish scholar Salanter. How to deal with this cemetery as a publicly used space and as a sacred burial site is a challenge for the Jewish community and the city of Kaliningrad.

This excursion was organized by the Jewish Museum in the New Synagogue and was led by the director Julia Oisboit and the curator of the permanent exhibition Ruth Leiserowitz from the Association Jews in East Prussia.

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