In the museum #jmkaliningrad we tell about the fate of the popular Königsberg children’s doctor Walter Klein and his wife Herta. The presentation includes the farewell letter to the children, written on the eve of deportation, as well as a drawing based on reports of contemporary witnesses, showing the couple preparing for departure.

Walter Klein came from Braunsberg, today Braniewo, where he also spent his school years. In the local history museum there we found hangers with the advertising imprints of a fashion store of Jacob Klein, Walter’s father. For the grandchildren in Israel this memory of their grandparents is of great importance, because until now they knew nothing about this chapter of their family history.

We thank the Historical Society in Braniewo (Towarzystwo Miłośników Braniewa), which runs this museum and we are very impressed by the work of the approximately 80 volunteers who are very passionate about the history of the village, which was very badly destroyed during the war. In their museum visitors can encounter many details of the old Braunsberg.

Historical Society in Braniewo: Towarzystwo Miłośników Braniewa, ul.Katedralna 9, 14-500 Braniewo, Poland
For #Jmkaliningrad visited May 2023 by Ruth and Michael Leiserowitz, Jews in East Prussia

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