Königsberg after the November pogrom (part 6)

Lore Lessheim, who today lives in Perth/Australia under the name Zusman
still keeps the saving telegram announcing the entry permit to Australia.
This year she told the congregation about her memories of Crystal night in Koenigsberg:
Link to the video with Lore Zusman >>
Thanks Eli Rabinowitz, who recorded this recollections.

Königsberg after the November pogrom (part 5)

Eva Lepehne survived in Italy. Her parents escaped with her to Genoa, where the mother became sick and died in 1939. Then her father was arrested and she stayed alone. Eva was interned in Italy. During the war she moved to US. Her story is told in Elizabeth Bettinas book: It happened in Italy. (The picture showing Eva Lepehne is from the Monroe High School Yearbook in Rochester, where she could finally finish school in 1948.)
Here a link to the story told by her
Biography at Tennessee Holocaust Commission >>