From the series: Archival results on Jews in New East Prussia (today Suvalkija in Lithuania and Poland)

When the small and still very young town of Pilviškiai came under Prussian administration in 1795 during the Third Partition of Poland-Lithuania, a census of the Jewish inhabitants was arranged. It took place in 1798.

Map with Pilviskiai
Picture: Open Street Map and Wikimedia Commons Hugo.arg

At that time, there were in Pilviškiai
13 Jewish households: 1 inn tenant. 1 publican, 2 baker, 2 butchers, 1 comb maker, 1 tailor, 1 maltster, 3 grocers and 1 cantor.
Wives and daughters were not listed by name. Women figured only if they headed a household as a widow. Sons were recorded as soon as they reached the age of 10. There were no surnames yet!

Excerpt of table Census Pilviskiai 1798

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