Insight into a new exhibition – Who knows more people?

The temporary exhibition “Farewell to Königsberg” at the Jewish Museum in the Kaliningrad Synagogue will show from May 2023 various stories of how Jews left Germany under Nazi rule. Not far from Powunden (Chrabrowo) on the Lobitten (Lugovskoje) manor, the landowner Walther Sandelowsky trained young people in agriculture since 1934 so that they could receive a certificate for immigration to Palestine.

Until the summer of 1939, many boys and girls underwent training here. Thanks to this commitment, many young people were able to emigrate. Then the enterprise had to close. Walther Sandelowsky, his wife Inge and sons Peter and Klaus emigrated to Argentina in November 1940.

Who has more stories to tell about this extraordinary institution in what was then East Prussia? Or can share more pictures and documents from that time?
Pls. contact or contact the museum.

The manor of Sandelowsky

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