2005 Sep 02 – 04 Seminar  in Sankelmark
Jews in East Prussia

Seminar in Sankelmark next to Flensburg (Northern Border of Germany) with Academia Baltica/Lübeck, the Society Jews in East Prussia and the “Sociaty of the Friends of Fortress Boyen” Lötzen / Gizycko

Professor Zalkin
Mordechai [Motti] Zalkin from Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Stefanie Schueler-Springorum, Hamburg
Only a few aspects of the Jewish history of Eastern Prussia are known till today. History and Culture of the Jews in East Prussia did not help, territorial claims to underline and stayed therefore unexplored. With time whitnesses and guests from Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Israel we want discuss the Jewish environments in the Masures, Prussian Lithuania and Koenigsberg – from the first Jewish imigration to East Prussia, the culture of the everyday life and the community untill the holocaust.

Seminar in Sankemark 2005
David Lisbona, Israel “Bei uns in Guttstadt”