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Kehila Rosenberg West Prussia

Notes on the origin of the Rosenberg Synagogue, today’s Susz in Poland, formerly belonging to West and East Prussia in Germany – compiled from documents in the archives of the Centrum Judaicum in Berlin

Rosenberg Susz Synagogue

From a letter of petition from the parish council to the King of Prussia we learn that the parish consisted of 158 people in 26 families and that only 3/8 of them were able to contribute and 5/8 were considered poor.

A donor list lists community members who have signed contributions for the synagogue. After a large sum was added in a will in case the synagogue was built, half of the estimated total construction sum of 2650 Thaler was collected and triggered further activities for the construction of the synagogue. This was in 1862.

Further lists show that all networks to former community members, relatives and business partners and also synagogue construction suppliers were activated. These ranged from places in East Prussia and neighbouring villages in Rosenberg to Hamburg-Altona. Christian public figures and companies also made donations.

The congregation probably did not have its own rabbi; in 1864 a position for a religious official was advertised, who was to be cantor (presinger in the liturgy), butcher and teacher. The basic annual salary was to be 200 Thaler, to which were to be added the usual additional income in a similar amount.

The synagogue was inaugurated in 1868 with Rabbi Dr. Friedeberg from Tilsit and the cantor Tuerk from Thorn.

At the bottom of the page there is a list of the Rosenberg craftsmen who played a major role in the construction of the synagogue.

Donor list from 1868
(Prominent donors, including non-Jews)

Chief Administrative Officer County Administrative District Siegfried von Brünneck-Belschwitz

Graf Otto von Hindenburg in Langenau

Count Rodrigo zu Dohna-Finckensein from Palace Finckenstein (later became a member of the Reichstag)

From Finckenstein: Blaske; Schemnitz

From Rosenberg: Attorney Nauen; Attorney Goldstand; Pastor Hammer; Attorney Baumann; Dr. Rogge; Widow Huenecke; Master Carpenter Deutschedorf; Brewery owner Hancke; District Court Director Tourbie; Master Bricklayer Hanne; Master Carpenter Werner; Captain Wertemeister; Businessman Schinckel; Master Coppersmith Hecht; Pharmacist Kuhnert; Money from travellers (name illegible); Jacob Eyck

From Deutsch-Eylau: Commissioners Blum; Behrendt; Kowalski; S. Bluhm

From Riesenburg: B. Littmann; Hirschfeld; Josephsohn; M. Hirschberg

From Elbing: Helene Blum; Lewinsohn; I. S. Cohn; Litten

From Christburg: E. Jacoby

From Marienwerder: A. D. Lewinsohn

From Löbau: D. Ostrotzki

Whip round Osterode

From Königsberg: Carl Jacoby

From Berlin: M. Sandmann

Synagogue congregation (Hamburg) Altona

List of members of the Jewish congregation Rosenberg from 1862

Cohn, D.; Cohn, E.; Dannenberg, S.; Frankenstein, H.; Friedländer, H.; Friedländer, Jacob; Friedländer, L.; Friedländer, S.; Friedländer, Samuel L.; Fürst, H. B.; Jacoby, Joseph; Jacoby, S. N.; Johnas, J.; Korn, Dr. A.; Laudon, Bernhard; Liebmann, A.; Lilienthal, L.; Littmann, J.; Moses, Abraham; Neumann, G. H.; Neumann, M.; Rieß, H.; Ruben, E.; Ruben, S.; Salinger, S.; Sandmann, J; Sandmann, L.; Schier, E.; Wolff, A.; Wolff, Joseph; Wutow, A.;

List of donation commitments from the congregation dated 19 May 1862, ordered by size of donation (Thaler)

Sandmann, J. 200; Laudon, Bernhard 100; Fürst H. B. 60; Neumann, M. 50; Littmann, J. 50; Cohn, D. 50; Friedländer S. 50; Jacoby, S. N. 50; Franckenstein, H. 50; Salinger, S. 30; Friedländer L. 20; Lilienthal, D. 30; Cohn. E. 10; Moses, Abraham 15; Wolff, Joseph 10; Schier, E. 6; Sandmann, L 15; Jacoby, Joseph 8; Liebmann, A. 6;

Total 810 Thalers

In addition there was the legacy of Sandman 500 Thalers

At 1862 these amounts were about half of the construction sum

Rosenberg craftsmen who were significantly involved in the construction of the synagogue.

Master mason Reiff
Master carpenter Deutschendorf
Painter Gedies
Master carpenter Krüger
glazier Kindler
Stone set Tenner
Locksmith Kmith
Master plumber Liedke

Sources: Centrum Judaicum, Berlin, CJA, 1A Ro 5, Nummer 6, Rechnung der Synagogengemeinde Rosenberg über den Synagogenbau (invoice for construction works)

Suchanzeige Kantor für Rosenberg

Ad for a position for a religious official: Allgemeine Zeitung des Judenthums, 28 (1864), Heft 48 (22.11.1864) from Compact Memory, Library of Goethe University, Frankfurt

Photos: Jews in East Prussia, May 2020

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