On this page you will also find texts from the time when we asked research questions at the beginning (about 20 years ago) and in the following years we searched for traces in archives and family albums. For the historical processes of this region between Prussia and Russia or the German province and the successor states of Russia after the First World War (Poland and Lithuania) have so far been outside the great historical interest. But we notice that people are surprised when they learn that here the German Reich bordered directly on the Pale of Settlement and that there were interesting interfaces here. The historical processes of this “interface region” continue to this day, the inaugiration 2018 of a synagogue in Kaliningrad, which stood until 80 years ago in Königsberg, is an impressive symbol for this – again almost unnoticed by the world public.

Woher stammten die ersten Synagogenerbauer vor 120 Jahren? Where did the first synagogue builders come from 120 years ago?

Picture is an excerpt from the exhibition The Jews of Königsberg at the Turn of the 20th Century

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