Jewish life in East Prussia was in a very high level influenced by inputs from the Litvakian neighborhood. Jewish inhabitants from sthetls near the former East Prussian borderzone crossed the border very often. They had business in Koenigsberg, Tilsit and other towns or visited relatives, who settled here after 1812. Sometimes they followed their neighbours, business partners or relatives and settled in East Prussian places too. People from Vistytis (Vishtiniec) were found extremly often in the East Prussian territory. They had a strong network. Here some informations collected from my research in several German archives.

Vistytis 4 Länder
Tri-border area / Dreiländereck based on Openstreetmap


*Source: Private State Archive (Berlin), XX. HA, Rep.2I, Tit.Nr.16, Nr.1
Jews without permission in Tilsit November, Dezember 1807 and January 1808

Place and time Name From where What they do
25. Nov.1807 Itzig Karpel Wishtitten Trade business
2.Dec. 1807 Hiller Bachr Wishtitten Trade business
6.Jan. 1808 Nachim Jankee Wishtitten Trade business

*Source: Private State Archive (Berlin), I.HA,Rep.77, Tit.1021, Stallupoenen, No.1 Etablissement, 1814-1814

25.5.1814 Application for citizenship by Benjamin Hirsch from Wystiten and confirmation

*Source: Private State Archive (Berlin), I. HA, Rep. 89, Nr. 23676 Application for citizenship (1829-1840)

Beer Freitel Weinberg Wystiten now Königsberg, confirmed 1836
Mendel Schmul Wystiten now Friedland, refused

*Source: Private State Archive (Berlin), XX. HA, Rep. 2 II, Nr. 2133, Die Staatsbürgerrechte der Juden. Aufenthaltsgenehmigungen.1844-1850, 179

Lives without permission in Koenigsberg: Moses Kaminski from Wystitten

*Source: Private State Archive (Berlin), I. HA, Rep. 89, Nr. 23677 Application for citizenship (1841-1846)

Mendel Seelig Heimann Wystiten now Berlin, refused
Ruben Levin Wystiten now Preußen

*Source: Private State Archive (Berlin), I. HA, Rep. 89, Nr. 23678 Application for citizenship (1847-1848)

Hirsch Chaim Norwitzky Wystiten Labiau

*Source: Private State Archive (Berlin), XX.HA, Rep. 2 II, Nr. 2133, Die Staatsbürgerrechte der Juden. Aufenthaltsgenehmigungen.1844-1850, 3.

Crossed the border without permission: Levin Golding and David Neumann from Wystitten, asked for baptism

*Source: Private State Archive (Berlin), XX.HA, Rep.18, Tilsit XXIV, Nr.3, 19.

Document about Schlomke Wion and Selig Neumark from Wystiten about obtaining by underhand citizenship 1848

*Source: Private State Archive (Berlin), XX.HA, Rep. 18, Tilsit XXIV, Nr.3

Document about the order of removal for Leib Hirsch Schloßberg from Wystiten 1851

*Source: Private State Archive (Berlin), VIII. HA, J2, Nr. 2

1846 Document about baptism for Isaac Hirsch (28 years old) born in Wistiten, living now near Labiau

1847 Document about baptism for Moses Kaminski (18 years old) born in Wisztyten, living now in Koenigsberg
1847 Document about baptism for Marcus Jankel Brenner (19 years, 5 month old) born in Wischtitten, living now in Adl. Gut Bothkeim
1848 Document about baptism for Samuel Bluhm (19 years old) born in Wisztyten, living now in Pomedien
1848 Document about baptism for Jerochim Blumenthal (b. 1817 in Wisztyten), living now in Beyershoff near Darkehmen

*Source: Brilling Collection Jewish Museum Frankfurt

A 153 Jews in Tilsit. Citizenship from 1754-1855 and 1872-1905

Nr. Name Surname Profession Birth place Birth date Adress in Tilsit Date of citizenship
183 Itzig Epstein Händler Wystiten 1852 Fleischerstr.2 20.11.75
359 Julius Michalowsky Pferdehändler Wystiten 07.08.1813 Hohe Str. 49 09.03.77
2507 Isidor Michalowsky Händler Wystiten 04.07.47 Hohe Str. 86 01.05.87
4493 Isaak Kowalsky Kaufmann Wystiten 23.02.1843 Mittelstr.29 11.04.1900

*Source: Private State Archive (Berlin) XX HA, Rep.12, Titel 3, Nr.19, Band 1-12

Following persons (all born in Vishtiniec/Wystiten) lived 1885 in Eastprussian villages near the border, but had no German citizenship:
Friede Janus nee Barkowski (b.1862)
Isidor Janus (b.1875)
Luise Barkowski (b.1865)
Bertha Sternfeld (b.1864)
Laser Dominski (b.1850)
Hulda Sandelofski (b.1866)
Therese nee Pariser married Sallisohn (b.1856)
Bertha nee. Halpat widowed Sternfeld (b.1842)
Isidor Detomischkowski (b.1878)
Max Sternfeld (b.1866)
Hulda nee Sandelowitz Demant (b.1853)
Pescha Falk (b.1886)
Sara Silberberg (b.1836)
Elske nee Alariansky Jordan (b.1857)
Jeanette nee Meserowitz Liebermann (b.1872)
Jankel Sandelowski (b.1862)

Lived 1885 in Eydtkuhnen:
Henriette nee Kaminski Freidberg (b.1860)

Lived 1885 in Stallupoenen:
Sarah nee Neumann Gelberg (b.1860)
Rebekka Gelberg (b.1882)

*Source: Bundesarchiv, Lichterfelde

Jews, (all born in Vishtiniec/Wystiten) who lived in 17.05.1939 in East Prussia

Name Surname Birth year Birth place Living place
Koppel Klimowski 1879 Wystiten Gerdauen
Adolf Britz 1868 Wystiten Kuckerneese
Flora Jankowski nee Lewinski 1865 Wystiten Tilsit
Dina Demburky nee. Benkmann 1858 Wystiten Tilsit
Lina Joachim nee Silberstein 1878 Wystiten Tilsit
Rahel Epstein nee Eserbein 1854 Wystiten Tilsit
Henriette Joachim 1876 Wystiten Altschrangenkrug
Leib Direktor 03.04.1867 Wystiten Gumbinnen


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