Hugo Pollnow

In Wartenburg (East Prussia), the Pollnow family had a store at Luisenstr. 34 (today ul. Mieckiewicza 34 in Barczewo, Poland).

Hugo Pollnow tragically froze to death in January 1918.

His son Albert emigrated to South Africa in 1936 and went to Sydney, Australia in 1960. His descendant Robert Gregory sent us several photos with a recount of Albert. We are pleased that we were able to photograph his family home in early June 2024.

Matzeva Pollnow

In the lapidarium next to the synagogue building, the slab of Hugo Pollnow’s gravestone has been placed by chance.

Traueranzeige Pollnow
Obituary: Fau Minna Pollnow ne Lewin announces the accidental death JAN 02 1918 of her husband at the age of 46.