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wartenburg City Synagogue

The Jewish cemetery in Barczewo was established in 1871 at Guttstädter Strasse (today’s Warmińska Street), about 450 m north-west of the town centre, outside the built-up area, on a plot of land in the shape of an elongated rectangle. It is known that there was a wooden preburial house at the entrance.

Map Wartenburg

The cemetery was partially devastated during World War II, when some matzevot were converted into tombstones of German soldiers. However, the building survived the war in relatively good condition. In the early 1970s it was still surrounded by a mesh fence, within it there were about 100 tombstones.

Cemetery Wartenburg

On 16 October 1961, the Ministry of Municipal Economy issued a decision to close the cemetery for burial purposes (decision Uz-c/11/68/60).

In 1976, the municipal authorities decided to remove the gravestones from the cemetery. Some of them were taken over by the Masurian Museum, others were buried in a gravel pit or used by local stonecutters. Piggies and shed were placed in the cemetery.

In 1995, a boulder with a plaque with an inscription was placed on the edge of the cemetery: “The place of the former Jewish cemetery”. A fragment of the cemetery was surrounded by a wooden fence.

In 2017, thanks to the efforts of, among others, Krystyna Szter from the Social and Cultural Association “Pojezierze”, about 20 tombstones found were placed in the yard of the former synagogue in Barczew.

Matzewot Wartenburg

2024 – A new project “Jews of Wartenburg, (today Barczewo)” has been created on the genealogy website, where you can find out about the families of the Jewish congregation, view family documents and possibly add people yourself. Here is the link:

Name List from tomb stones Wartenburg / Barczweo, for further details and pictures pls. refer to original web page >>

Last name, First name, Hebrew First name, Father’s First name, Birth Date, Death date, Additional information

  • Cohn, Max, , , 03.1858, 31.01.1916,
  • Friedlaender, Minna, Rachel Lea, Father: Itzhak Meir, 15.09.1834, 28.03.1899, nee Meyer. Hebr name husband: David
  • Friedlander, , David, son of Zvi, , 09.03.1875, Glade, , Elias, son of Eines (?)
  • Gottfeldt, Recha, Rachuma Zisla, Father: Gershon, 15.02.1866, 15.03.1930, nee Wisztyniecki. On the tombstone, the stonemason’s signature: Markewitz from Olsztyn (Allenstein).
  • Grau, Michael, Michel Avraham, son of Kalonimus, 22.[..].1822, 18.03.1902,
  • Grumach, Rescha (Rosa), born 11.05.1870, died 9.11.1882 (accord. family documents Jerusalem)
  • Henschel, , Guta, Father: Shmuel, , 19.05.1899, Katz, Pesa Paulina, Pesa, son of Zvi, 10.02.1898, , She lived 54 years. Father a Lewit
  • Littwinski, Judel, Jehuda, son of Beniamin Benish, , 05.12.1882,
  • Man[…]?, Jakob, , , 03.1815, 01.08.1881,
  • Mendelsohn, Josephine, , , 12.1842, 21.06.1877, nee Mendelsohn
  • Meyer, Hedwig (?), Hinda, Fater: Avraham, 15.01.1816, 05.12.[…], nee Meyer
  • Pollnow, Hugo, Josef, son of Asher, 12.07.1872, 02.01.1918, Accident victim
  • Schwarz, Paula, Zypra, Dov, 22.05.1882, 08.10.1924,

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