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Roof New Synagogue Rastenburg
New Synagogue of Rastenburg opening 1916

In the history of the Jews in Rastenburg there was an old and a new synagogue in addition to many Jewish residential and commercial buildings. There are many pictures and stories about this on our page History of the Jews in Rastenburg. Here we have collected what can be reported about the Jewish cemetery of the city.

Map Rastenburg Jewish 1929
Section of Rastenburg map 1929 – 3 cemetery

In 1925 Rabbi Siebert Neufeldt wrote a travel report through the East Prussian Jewish communities. Under Rastenburg he mentions a Jewish cemetery, which was about 120 years old at that time (from about 1805). It had a cemetery hall and was located at the gas station.

Cemetery Rastenburg
Photo Yarek Shalom

The Jewish cemetery, which was probably heavily destroyed during the 1938 progrom night, was located at the foot of the southern slope of the then Protestant cemetery. Today there are garages of public transport bus depots and perhaps partly garages of the State Fire Brigade (the matter requires a thorough investigation on site). A fragment of a Jewish gravestone was found in a town pond and is exhibited in the local history museum, the Wojciech Kętrzyn Museum.


Wojciech Kętrzyn Museum


Plaque commemorating the Jewish cemetery
founded in the nineteenth century  in the vicinity of
the current municipal cemetery on the southern slope.
Jews lived in Kętrzyn from 1813, contributing to the city’s development.
After the events of the “Crystal Night” on November 9‐10, 1938
most of them left Kętrzyn. Only a few survived the Holocaust.
Honor their blessed memory.
Inhabitants of Kętrzyn
Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage

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In Kooperation 2020 with association Blusztyn (PL) and historian dr. Seweryn Szczepański
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