Königsberg made it onto the cover of a conference volume published by Solivagus, a publishing house in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany). It shows the building of the Norddeutsche Creditbank in Königsberg, which George Marx turned into a very important bank in East Prussia (pic. from the publisher).

This includes the essay by historian Ruth Leiserowitz (Chairwoman of Juden in Ostpreussen e.V.): From a small local institution to a dominant bank. George Marx: A successful immigrant in Königsberg, in: David Feest/Aleksandra Lipińska/Agnieszka Pufelska i(Eds.), Bankiers und Banken als Akteure im wirtschaftlichen, politischen und kulturellen Netzwerk im (Nordost-)Europa des 16. – 20. Jahrhunderts (Bankers and banks as actors in the economic, political and cultural network in (north-eastern) Europe of the 16th – 20th century), Kiel 2020, p. 51-66 (in German)
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The conference in Lüneburg was entitled: Money, Prestige and Responsibility: Bankers as Players in the Economic, Political and Cultural
Network in (north-east) Europe of the 16th – 20th century. The International Workshop took place in September 2017 at the Nordost-Institut and was organized in cooperation with the Institute of Art History of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich.