The first temporary exhibition since the opening of the Jewish Museum in the Kaliningrad Synagogue has arrived on site. The association “Jews in East Prussia” handed it over to the museum director Julia Oisboit. The exhibition “Farewell to Königsberg” tells the fates of Jews from the Königsberg region who left Germany from 1933. This exhibition will be shown soon in Kaliningrad and later in other places of the region.

Rollup from the exhibition "Farewell from Königsberg", next to it three people, in the background behind a body of water is the Kaliningrad Synagogue with the old Israelite Orphanage to the left.
Julia Oisboit (Museum Director), Ruth Leiserowitz (Curator), Michael Leiserowitz (Member of Board)

We would like to thank the families who gave us a glimpse into their family albums and thus made this exhibition possible. Some pictures will be presented to the public for the first time.

The descendants of

Erna and Simon Echt (from Insterburg, descendants in South Africa)

Margarethe and Hugo Falkenheim (physician and long-time community leader in Königsberg);

Paul Jacobi, Julius Jakobi and Konrad Jakoby (lawyers);

Hans Georg Leiserowitz (Hachshara)

Family Lindenstrauss (from Gumbinnen)

Minna and Bernhard Rubinstein (Eydtkuhnen).

Luise and Gabriel Wollheim (cantor of Königsberg)