Call for temporary exhibition “Farewell to Königsberg”.

In a temporary exhibition in the museum “New Synagogue Kaliningrad” the emigration and escape processes of the East Prussian Jews shall be traced on the basis of family stories, pictures and documents. Since the exhibition will also travel through other cities, we are also looking for example stories of families and individuals who had to flee from Tilsit, Insterburg, Gumbinnen or Eydtkuhnen.

“Here is a photo from my family: “Farewell to cousins in Tilsit”.

My father Hans Georg (Isser) Leiserowitz (center) went from Königsberg to Haaretz (Mandate Palestine) in 1934, the pianist Herbert Leiserowitz (l.) came with Erika Held (2nd from right) via Shanghai to Buffalo USA, Erna Echt (2nd from left) came via Uruguay to South Africa, her brother Kurt Borowsky (r) went directly to South Africa.” From Michael Leiserowitz
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