Moshe L. Meron (formerly Max Ludwig Segall) former Deputy President of the Knesset(Parliament of Israel) and Deputy Mayor of the City of Ramat Gan in Israel

It is with great  pleasure that I send to you, members of the Jewish Kaliningrad Congregation my greetings on the occasion the opening of the Synagogue  in Kaliningrad, rebuilt after having been destructed by the Nazi regime during the 1940s. I remember the old Synagogue at that place when I went there with my family to pray during the High Holidays. At the time I was a boy of 8 to 9 years old but I was always impressed by the wonderful big building and the atmosphere of the people who prayed and believed and hoped for a good and safe life. The rebuilding of the Synagogue is a wonderful and worthwhile deed and is the ultimate revenge taking into account the terrible events that took place there and were instigated by the Nazis of Koenigsberg. I am sure that my family, my mother Hanna Koenigsberger Segall and my father Gustav Segall, my grandmother Marie Koenigsberger and my uncle, her son, Salomon Koenigsberger would all cherish the event and be proud and thankful for this great event in the city they grew up and loved until made to flee.

I send to you my heartiest greeting from Israel and say thank you for the wonderful effort made , Thank you all and Shalom, Peace by with you