In Zalewo, the former Saalfeld, which once belonged to East Prussia, an edition of Zalewo’s Notes (Zapiski Zalewskie) was published at the end of 2019, which the association “Jews in East Prussia” has translated into English and is now available for download.

The contents are texts from the project “Traces of the Past”, which took place with lectures and actions from September to November 2019 in Zalewo (Saalfeld), and also contributions on the history of Jews of the town. The project aim was to make it clear what a varied history happened in this border region and that religious and ethnic diversity must be always respected.
We would like to share these initiatives and the detailed factual texts on the history of the Jews in Zalewo and have therefore translated this issue from Polish into English. Now the local history association has made the English Pdf version available for download.


Project “Traces of the Past”

by Krystyna Kacprzak, Zalewo

Outline of the history of Jews in East and West Prussia

von Prof. Dr. Seweryn Szczepański, Iława

History of the Jews in Saalfeld – Zalewo

by Ryszard Piechota, Zalewo (deceased)

Jews in Zalewo (Saalfeld) and their relations to the prewar residents of the town

by notary Ernst Deegen, Saalfeld 1905; memories of Emil Klein and son Hans Klein, Rudi Lehmann, edited by Kazimierz Madela, Jerzwałd

Visit to Zalewo after 79 years

Memory of the contemporary witness Siegfried Knop, who visited the city with his daughter in 2015

About the Bloch family from Saalfeld (Zalewo)

(Article from Die Welt 2012)

Jewish cemeteries in Poland – the basic knowledge

by Krzysztof Bielawski, Warsaw, Polin Museum, specialist in the research of Jewish cemeteries in Poland

Hebrew tombstone inscriptions of the Jewish cemetery in Zalewo. A contribution to the inventory

by Sławomir Pastuszka, Pszczyna, Silesia, PhD student in Krakau

Link for download Notes of Zalewo No. 46 – 2019 English version >>