Year 2020:  The Kurt and Hildegard Löwenstein/Losten Foundation promotes the study of the culture and history of Jewish Germans.
The foundation was established in memory of the Stuttgart company director Kurt Losten, née Löwenstein (died 2011) and his wife Hildegard (died 2017).
The association “Jews in East Prussia” would like to thank them once again this year for the special recognition they received through the support of the work of the foundation. We are researching a part of German Jewry whose region is now located in other European countries and whose descendants are now at home all over the world.

Kurt und Hildegard Löwenstein/Losten Stiftung

The moving story of Kurt Löwenstein can be read on the foundation’s website. In times of persecution and humiliation by the German nation he survived with the help of sincere individuals and the Bosch company and escaped extermination as almost the only one in his family. Out of gratitude for their own happiness and the help of private and business friends in difficult life situations, the widow Hildegard Losten initiated the foundation.