Synagoge Nordenburg Postkarte
Nordenburg, today Krylowo
in the Kaliningrad region (Russian Federation), the town is located directly north of the border to Poland.
Synagoge Nordenburg Teil 2

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Mr. Rolf Dyckerhoff does intensive research about the East Prussian small town and has collected many stories about the fates of the Jewish families of the place. He has kindly provided us with the complete list of Jewish families from the interwar period and hopes to get more information about the fate of these families.

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There were 13 Jewish families living in Nordenburg during the interwar period, presumably the list is complete. The community had a small synagogue.

Eisenstaedt Drogerie

  • Family Eisenstädt: Erich Eisenstädt had a drugstore in  Nordenburg,
  • Family Iserski: Moses Leib Iserski had a small shop in Langenfeld, a village near Nordenburg, and belonged to the Jewish community in Nordenburg.
  • Family Jablonski, horse trader in Nordenburg: Richard Jablonski probably emigrated to Scotland in 1926, a woman Jablonski (first name unknown, possibly Richard’s mother) is still proven in Nordenburg in 1921, her date of death is unknown.
  • Family Kanowitz: There were two Kanowitz families in Nordenburg: 1) Adolf Kanowitz, he had a clothing store 2) Abraham Chaim Kanowitz, travelling trader, married to Jenta, née Klimowski
  • Landecker family: vinegar factory and railway forwarding company in Nordenburg
  • Family Lehmann: There were two brothers Lehmann in Nordenburg, both were horse dealers. 1) Louis Lehmann 2) Isidor Lehmann; The Lehmanns came to Nordenburg only in the twenties, they were born in Pillkallen, but originally this family came from Kakschen.
  • Lewy, Selma;  She was a dentist in Nordenburg.
  • Family Malligson: Georg Malligson was a grain merchant in Nordenburg and his wife had a clothing shop there,
  • Sandelowsky family: grain trading in Nordenburg
  • Family Schelasnitzki: Isidor Schelasnitzki had a shop in Nordenburg,.
  • Lea Stank, née Sandelowitz

The Sandelowsky and the Kanowitz certainly come from Wistyten, they are already mentioned in the Jewish registers of the Nordenburg church books.

If you think you can help Mr. Dyckerhoff, we would be happy to hear from you.

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