Display in Museum

The Hanukkah holidays of 2021 took our association representative to Israel and Leipzig – this time he visited several descendants of the great Königsberg banking family Marx. An old family item, a “besamim” spice container, which has a function in the Sabbath exit ceremony, is lent to the exhibition. Representatives of another branch of the family presented the association with lithographs by Hermann Struck showing Gertrud and George Marx. These are to find their way back to the place where they were made after about 100 years.

Synagogue Kaliningrad

The family very much welcomes the fact that today’s Jews in Kaliningrad will commemorate the city’s Jewish history with a museum in the magnificent rebuilt synagogue.
In Leipzig, at the exhibition company Kocmoc, the first model of the small “show houses” hangs. In them, stories about Jews of the city of Königsberg are told and presented in many different ways.

The exhibition is funded by the Federal Foreign Office.

Federal Foreign Office