Michael Wieck had already published his memoirs of his time in Königsberg under Nazi rule and Soviet occupation in the 1980s, before the topic of Königsberg became en vogue in the media due to the opening up of the area. He also tirelessly encouraged former companions such as Hella Wertheim-Sass and Nechama Drober to write down their memories.

Michael Wieck

The “Testimony of the Fall of Königsberg” was published in English and Russian. Later Wieck traveled to Kaliningrad with his book and violin to present his memoirs in his hometown. He convinced there threefold: by his simple but impressive words, by his benevolent but critical view and by the power of music. In 2019, a Polish edition was published under the title: “Miasto utracone. Młodość w Königsbergu w czasach Hitlera i Stalina” Michael Wieck once again set out to personally present his work to Polish readers in Allenstein, at the Mendelsohn House and in Warsaw. At both events the numerous audience was deeply impressed by Wieck’s biography and his person. This trip was organized by the association “Jews in East Prussia / Juden in Ostpreußen e.v.”. Mr. Wieck always supported the work of our association in a friendly and critical way. We owe him a lot. His life story will have a proper place in the Jewish Museum in the Kaliningrad Synagogue, which is currently under construction.

Michael Wieck passed away on 27 February 2021