Nikolaiken Jewish Cemetery

The Jewish cemetery in Mikołajki (the East Prussian Nikolaiken) in Dybowskiej Street from the year 1881 is one of the few preserved Jewish burial places in Masuria. Several dozen gravestones with Hebrew and German inscriptions can still be seen today.

collecting leaves at the cemetery Magda Lewkowicz is the teacher from Mrągowo

In October 2019, students from the Masurian city of Mrągowo (Sensburg) had a practical learning unit here, combined with a help mission. It was class 3 D of the public school no. 2 with the well-known history teacher and local politician Magda Lewkowicz, who was awarded the Polin Award 2018 for her services to the history of the Jews.

Cleaning the Matzeva in Mikolajki Drawing German inscription of drawing Tombstone

First the rules for the cleaning action on a Jewish cemetery were learned, then there were learning units on the history of Judaism, Jewish burial and traditions. The symbols on the Matzevot (Jewish gravestones) were introduced. And as you can see on the pictures, the autumn leaves were successfully removed.

Class 3 D from ZS No. 2 from Mrągowo Cleaned cemetery Mikolajki