Vištytis (Polish: Wisztyniec, German: Wystiten, Yiddish: ווישטינעץ Vishtinets) was a dynamic shtetel (town) on the border with East Prussia, with a Polish, Prussian, French, Russian, Soviet and Lithuanian history.

From here many family dynasties crossed the border to settle in East Prussian rural communities. The next generation then went on to study in the larger cities such as Königsberg, Berlin, Leipzig. Often siblings preferred to go to America, South Africa or Australia instead of to East Prussia – so we keep receiving enquiries from there that go back to this small town and the East Prussian relatives. That is why this work on the remaining gravestones on one of the oldest borders in Europe, which still exists, is so important. One year ago our association took part in this important field research. Mission accomplished.

Interview Vistytis Lithuania