(Translated from German, FB post of East Prussian State Museum SEP 20 2019) Last November, after a few years, the Königsberg Synagogue was reopened after it had fallen victim to National Socialist terror 80 years earlier during the November pogroms. Opposite the cathedral island with the cathedral and the tomb of Immanuel Kant as well as the Julius-Rupp memorial stone it is now again a striking architectural lighthouse in today’s Kaliningrad.

Rabbi Gurevich and Prof Leiserowitz

Yesterday in Berlin, Prof. Ruth Leiserowitz of the Jews in East Prussia Association and the Special Representative for Kaliningrad and the District of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, Rabbi A. Gurevich, discussed how it can be culturally filled with life, attractive to tourists and how the history of Jewish life in the old Königsberg can best be conveyed. Many good ideas were exchanged, we hope the best that they can be realized. We keep our fingers crossed for a good development!


Vorigen November konnte nach einigen Jahren die Königsberger Synagoge wiedereröffnet werden, nachdem sie 80 Jahre zuvor…

Gepostet von Ostpreußisches Landesmuseum am Freitag, 20. September 2019