In the search for the origin of the Jews in East Prussia, one repeatedly comes across the border town of Vištytis. It was located directly on the border to East Prussia, today in Lithuania, not far from the border triangle of Kaliningrad (Russian Federation), Poland and Lithuania. Now we came across the oldest map of Wistinetz (1855) that is known to us. The inscriptions are in Polish.

Map of old Vistytis
Map of Wistinetz (1855) at the Lithuanian Historical Archive in Vilnius

The largest group of the population were Jews, who had very close and diverse relations with East Prussia. In the summer of 2019 the gravestones of the Jewish Cemetery were recorded and digitized. All in all, this region can be considered very European, since all neighboring regions exerted a clear influence and multilingualism was normal everyday life.

Exploring the Old Jewish cemetery of Vistytis AUG 2019
Houses in Vistytis
Houses in Vistitys, the road comes from the nearby border