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Market Place Biskupiec

The Jewish cemetery in Biskupice is situated on ruins of a former fortified settlement, on the right bank of Giełczew river valley. The settlement is surrounded by a moat, that was once full of water. It seems it was well protected. Evidence of the fortification of this man-made hill is still visible. The cemetery was established in the 18th century. The last orthodox funeral took place here in 1942. The oldest headstone dates from 1792. According to some sources, there used to be two graveyards here, side by side. The second one was created at the turn of 19th century. From this, there are two headstones left. The oldest dates from 1929. There used to be an ohel of unknown rabbi. There is no sign of the ohel existence. The cemetery can be found just 300 m from the market. Mila street takes you there.

Tom Stone Bischofsburg

Bischofsburg / Biskupiec, for further pictures pls. refer to original web page >>

translated by Sebastian Wieczorek
text & photos: Marek Kosmala
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Tomb Stone Bischofsburg 2

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