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We invite you to take the opportunity to visit the exhibition of 2017! Learn more about the little known aspects of life in Königsberg at the turn of the century. Link to the online exhibition >>

The Catalog of the exhibition can be ordered
3 colors, 48 pages, size DIN A4, ISBN 978-3-00-057974-5
For each donation of at least 21 EUR you can receive a catalogue per mail.

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About the catalog, the exhibition and our work:
On November 9th, 2017, an exhibition opened for the first time, which deals exclusively with the history of the Jews in Koenigsberg. From the perspective of the inhabitants at the time, it tells the story of Koenigsberg at the end of the 19th century, at the time of the construction of the New Synagogue, which had its place not far from the Koenigsberg Cathedral (Dome) (Now on the same spot the Jewish citizens of Kaliningrad rebuilt this synagogue and opened it on Nov 8 2018).

The catalog includes various topics from the turn of the century, such as ways of life, family life, the influx of new Jewish citizens, economy, donation culture, health tourism, Zionism, student life, summer freshness in Cranz and many details about the synagogue.

From 2017 Nov 9 till Dec 10 the exhibition took place in today’s History and Art Museum of the region Kaliningrad, in the building of the former “Stadthalle”.

The non-profit association Jews in East Prussia (Juden in Ostpreussen, Kultur und Geschichtsverein eV) has been researching the exhibition theme since its foundation in 2004. Since 2015, the project of the exhibition in Kaliningrad has been intensively worked on. It took many journeys to research with today’s descendants and for work stays in archives. For the realization and production of the exhibition and the catalog, considerable costs arose, for which the association has not received any subsidies from any institutions.

Therefore, we are looking forward to have some buyers to support this work.

Catalog – copy of the English-Russian-language exhibition catalog will be sent y mail (after receipt of donation). The catalog contains further information on the subject and is also well-suited as a reading book. (3 colors, 48 pages, DIN A4) ISBN 978-3-00-057974-5

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