Update: At SEP 24 2021 Opening of the Museum of Local History in the building of the synagogue in Susz (Poland) the former West and East Prussian town Rosenberg.

Invitation of the Association for historical research “Galea”

Since this town belonged to the German region of East Prussia between 1920 and 1939, the association Juden in Ostpreussen (Jews in East Prussia) has obtained documents from the Centrum Judaicum (Berlin) and the State Archive in Olsztyn (Poland) which provide information about the construction of the synagogue and the Jewish community. We are still in the process of preparing an exhibition unit about the Jewish part of the history of the place (for 2022). (More about it: Building synagogue Rosenberg). For this project our association still needs funds, you are welcome to donate specifically for this purpose. We have also made contact with descendants and expect that some of them will visit the inauguration of this part. We did support financially the exemplary efforts of the local association to breathe new life into this beautiful building. Only very few synagogue buildings in East Prussia survived the November pogrom in 1938. We are happy about this exhibition in this historic border region with a very changeful history.

Museum Synagoge Rosenberg

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Rosenberg Susz Synagogue
May 2020