Main Street Prostki

Straight through Prostken

Straight through Prostken is the title of a Polish book about an unusual village in East Prussia. A place that you should not drive through too quickly, as it is extremely rich in a wide variety of stories.

Call for material for a new exhibition "Farewell to Warmia and Masuria"

Call for material for a new exhibition

“Farewell to Warmia and Masuria”
Following the great success of the special exhibition “Farewell to Königsberg”, a second part of this project is to be created in early summer 2024 and will travel through places in Warmia and Masuria.

Potrait Rabbi Moshe Nadel

Rabbi Moses Nadel

Rabbi Moses Nadel was buried in Koenigsberg. We can give face and history to his name: Nadel was born ab. 1882 in Viešintos (Lithuania), was ordinated by the Vilna Beit Din and served as a shochet and mohel in Krekenava.

Nechama Drober nee Hella Markowsky

Farewell to Nechama Drober

Nechama Drober has passed away. She was an important voice because she witnessed the fate of the Jews of Königsberg,

Walter Klein

Klein’s hanger from Braunsberg

In the local history museum of Braniewo there we found hangers with the advertising imprints of a fashion store of Jacob Klein, Walter’s father.

The suitcase is on the way

The suitcase is on the way
……….. a suitcase packed with things that a child possessed when it set off alone without parents to a foreign country in the Kindertransport in the 1930s.