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Yeshive Telsiai

Yeshiva of Telšiai

Yeshiva Building of Telsiai in Lithuania. Ruth and Michael Leiserowitz spoke with the museum staff on Monday, March 6, about the challenges and opportunities of an exhibition on the Jewish history of this specific place in this special space.

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Wood tar from Šakiai

The first results of the evaluation of the tax lists of the village Šakiai (Szaki), Lithuania for the years 1821-1836

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Short Film ‘Noch Am Leben’ (Still Alive)

A stunning short film from Australia by an artist about her great aunt who meets herself every night on the beach of the East Prussian Baltic Sea, where her sister, who protected her, stayed.

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Web Site 2023

January 2023 - we are currently rebuilding our website - we kindly ask for your patience! ינואר 2023 - אנו משנים כעת את אתר האינטרנט שלנו - אנו מבקשים את סבלנותכם

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Mehlsack / Pieniężno

The small brick synagogue was built in 1860 in what was then Wormditter Street.

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